About 12 Must-Have Apps

A fine selection of the 12 Must-Have Apps on Google Play.

– Why 12 Must-Have Apps?
✓ How am I supposed to know the best free apps on Google Play? This is why.
✓ How do I get to discover new awesome free apps? This is why.
✓ Where should I start with Google Play apps? This is why.
✓ Where should I search for the best Google Play apps? This is why.
✓ Because that’s why.

– How did you make this fine selection?
✓ If you could choose only 12 free apps to download among all Google Plays apps, what would they be?
12 Must-Have Apps is the answer, based on dopeness, awesomeness and usefulness.
Note: That’s why preloaded apps are excluded.

✓ Each app comes with a small description that is only 140 characters – so basically a simple tweet!

– Free Daily Apps
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12 Must-Have Apps