Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem Android App

Run and gun your way through gorgeous 3D environments as you embark on a mission to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the Forces of Evil.
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“All things said, Major Mayhem is an addicting game that will keep you hooked and it’s a must-have for any Android gaming fanatic.”

“On top of all that, the way Major Mayhem showcases the player’s damage is fantastic. Rather than a bland meter that winds down as the character is shot, a series of smaller shots or one large blow will knock off a piece of the Major’s armor. After he’s left with no armor, the next shot ends the game. It helps keep the screen from getting too crowded, which is great, but it also looks really cool, too.”

“A third-person side scroller with a storyline very similar to Arnie’s Commando, hide behind a rock and shoot your way through Timebomb, Arcade and Survival modes to recover your wife safely.”

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