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Top multiplayer word search game with realtime leaderboard ranking and online competition.
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“highly addictive word puzzle game. Players trace their fingers over letters to make valid words on a 4×4 grid. Each round is multi-player and pits you against the clock and everyone else playing the same game board. At the end of the round, you are shown your score ranked against everyone else.”

“When folks log in to WordHero, they’re presented with a 4 x 4 grid of letters, each tile scored Scrabble-style, and they have to trace paths through those letters to compose words. Letters can be used twice, and words can be composed by any direction. You can even rotate the board to view tiles from a new perspective. The clincher here is that once you’ve done up as many words as you can in the span of two minutes, your score is compared to other players online that were also scrambling at the same moment as you. It’s a fun little time-waster with an excellent online twist, and it’s free to boot.”

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