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Organize your personal & professional life. Save anything in the cloud. Take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders.free download

“Evernote is easily the best note-taking service you’ll find. It integrates with so many other programs and services, including now actual paper. All the thoughtful features and excellent search tools just make Evernote a stellar service. If you want to get organized, Evernote deserves your attention.”

– PCMag.com

“Evernote is one of the more established productivity apps for smartphones and tablets. Much like the elephant that symbolises this app, Evernote aims to ensure you never forget an appointment, a half-remembered message or task, or lose track of a web page containing important information. It’s like a clipping service for your brain, and has the immense advantage of being free to use across multiple devices.”

– PCAdvisor

“Evernote is a comprehensive, cross-platform note-taking application that integrates hardware, software, and other third-party apps. The free app captures text notes, voice notes, photos, or files and stores them in the cloud for easy retrieval.”

– PCWorld

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