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Share your photos with gorgeous filtered effects in a simple photo stream. Transform everyday moments into works of art and share with download

“If you reach for your phone to snap an image when life presents you with something interesting, then Instagram is right for you. The app’s trademark filters can add some needed depth to smartphone pictures, though some turn up their nose at these optional additions. But the app’s real draw is the community, who are eager to see and share their great photos.”


“Instagram is at its strongest when it’s making moderately interesting shots of the mundane appear slightly arty. It’s no substitute for great photography, but it can make everyone look like a decent photographer. So that image of a coffee cup in a run-down café suddenly looks like a commentary on urban decay, when previously it was a picture you needn’t have bothered taking.”

– Telegraph

“Instagram is a must. It has a huge network in tow, and it makes it dead simple to share and interact with your friends’ photos.”