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“The recently released Quora app for Android lets users engage with the popular question-and-answer platform while on the go. Different from a typical Google search or a Google Now query, a Quora question is posed directly to a large community of users for their personal feedback. Think of it like a Yahoo Answers forum, but with more of a focus on responses by professionals and experts in specific fields. There’s even a sort of gaming element involved, which lets you earn and spend Quora credits based on your activity.”

– CNET.com

“Quora for Android beats iOS at providing answers on the go.”

– The Verge

“Quora is a really active network, and a fine place to hear clear opinions from pros on very specific subjects. It’s clear that the devs have put a ton of effort into making sure Quora fits in with the Android experience, and they have by and large succeeded. There are still a few tweaks to be made on the navigation front, but overall, it’s a really great experience. If you haven’t given Quora a real shot yet, this new Android app is your cue.”

– Android Central

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