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“The aim being to have a unified system across all platforms that makes it easy to move from one mobile device to another without having a different user interface to deal with. In short, Skype is aiming for a unified experience, and looking to ensure it’s not pushed aside by leaner, faster, systems.”


“The official Skype app for Android lets you place free voice and video calls to other Skype users, or, for a small charge, voice calls to landlines and mobile numbers. Further, the refreshed app sports a new interface with a focus on messaging, making it easier than ever to fire up a chat. Without question, though, its improvements in overall stability and speed make Skype 4.0 truly a remarkable update. The app runs more smoothly than it did in versions past, and overall it just feels a lot more solid”


“While there aren’t any major new additions are far as strict function goes, the app does feel like an entirely different breed. It’s given in to the Flat design you see practically everywhere these days, but more importantly, its simplified the buttons and divided its screens into digestible, bright tabs that make the app far more pleasant to use. The lack of clutter should also speed things up quite a bit as well as keep it running more smoothly. Plus, intuitive gestures (such as swipe to start a conversation) are a long overdue addition.”

– Gizmodo

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