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“Soundcloud has taken the blogosphere by storm with its easy to embed interface and slick comment system allowing users to pinpoint the exact portion of a song they like best. Stripped of the ability to upload tracks other than your own voice recordings, Soundcloud’s Android app is more of a straight up music streaming service with some great social features chucked in. It’s free as well which always helps.”

“SoundCloud is an excellent user generated music sharing center. It allows you to find great original music tracks for free from up-and-coming artists and DJs. It also allows Artists and DJs to upload their content to a large listener base to generate a fan base and get specific feedback on their tracks. If you love listening or making music this application is for you!.”

“All those out of you who are fond of music, must be familiar with the name ‘SoundCloud’. It allows the promotion, collaboration and distribution of audio recordings. In short, SoundCloud is online cloud storage for songs.”

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