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“Yelp is the top dog in finding delicious eateries on-the-go. Opening up the Android app, you’ll notice six large, friendly looking icons to choose from. Nearby, Check-Ins, About Me, Bookmarks, Monocle, and Deals. A few of those are pretty self-explanatory, and one of them you just need to see to believe.”

– Android Central

“Overall, the Yelp app is incredibly useful and relatively well-designed. Some additions I would like to see in the future include the ability to publish reviews (right now you can only create drafts) and more filter options for search results. For instance, it would be nice to be able to filter neighborhood or number of reviews like you can on the Yelp Web site. But despite these shortcomings, I would still confidently say that Yelp is a must-have app for every mobile user.”


“The Yelp app is well designed and incredibly useful. It provides a full range of search filters and the Monocle feature is a great addition to the treasure trove of user reviews and ratings. With a few minor improvements, such as being able to further refine the information given by the Monocle function, and the ability to post a review directly from the app, this recommendations app could be one of the must-haves.”

– Trusted Reviews

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