Time to rescue them all! Animal Voyage: Island Adventure

Animal Voyage Android App

Explore mysterious islands and rescue stranded animals that need your help! Save exotic animals from flooded islands and bring them safely home to build your very own animal paradise!

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“Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is Pocket Gems’ first simultaneous release on iOS and Android, launching in nine languages worldwide. As players rescue bears, gorillas, leopards and more, they’ll be joined by a cute red panda as their faithful sidekick. Different animals come with different abilities, like breaking rocks or cutting down trees, so players will need as many animal friends as they can find to make the most progress.”

“A decent enough freemium-builder crossed with a puzzler becomes wholly less palatable thanks to some obnoxiously long timers and so-so presentation.”

“The cuteness levels within Animal Voyage: Island Adventure are quite impressively high, and the concept on paper sounds quite fun.”