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Our fastest browser for Android loads webpages almost instantly, in the right size and format for your phone. Do more online using less data, with the Opera browser.

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“Every time you open a tab you’re greeted with a fully customizable collection of your favorite websites called a Speed Dial. The feature is clever enough that it’s won imitation by Safari and Chrome and duplication by Dolphin.”
– PCmag.com

“Opera Mobile is still the browser to beat for all round performance, reliability and ease of use. The experience Opera have from their desktop browser shines through with simple touches that make all the difference to an excellent browsing experience”
– Gizmo’s Freeware

“Opera deserves a special mention here because it’s more than just a browser. It has integrated email, newsgroups and IRC chat, the Opera Unite file server, Opera Turbo to improve performance on crappy mobile connections, and Sidebar-style widgets for games, web applications and utilities”.
– TechRadar.