California Facts

California Facts


The official state colors of California are blue and gold – officially designated in 1951. Blue represents the sky and sea. Gold symbolizes the color of the precious mineral mined by the forty- niners from the hills of California. Gold is also the official state mineral, California’s nickname is “the golden state,” and the golden California poppy is the state flower of California.




Only Alaska and Texas are bigger than California.




California is a “minority majority” state, with 58% of its population Hispanic, Asian, Native Americans and other groups. 26% of its population were born outside the U.S.




Some California plants live a long time. The Eastern’s Sierra Bristlecone pines are 4,600 years old. But a Mojave Desert Creosote Bush is among the world’s oldest living things at 43,000 years old.




California’s interconnected water system is the world’s largest with 40,000,000 acre feet of water per year, centered on six main systems of aqueducts and infrastructure projects.




What was California named for? Queen Califia, a character from the book written by Garcia de Montalvo.




Invented in California: Fortune cookies, Apple computers, theme parks (Disneyland), blue jeansm and the barbie doll.




California is the U.S. most populous state with nearly 40 million residents, which is more than Canada! One of eight U.S. residents live in California.




1849 is the year gold was discovered in California.




California is home to the world’s largest tree, General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park. And the tallest, a coastal redwood whose identity is withheld.




California contains the lowest and the highest points in the U.S. continent. You can travel from 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley to 14,494-foot Mount Whitney in less than a day.



California Facts

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