Free Golf Course for Everyone

This app is designed to teach everything there is to know about golf from what type of golf bag you need to where you can start golfing. If you already golf then you are bound to find some useful tips within these pages.

Chapter 1 – The Right Equipment

When you think about golfing you may think of spiked shoes, plaid crab digger pants and sweaters. The fact of the matter is that there is a lot more equipment than the clothing you need for golfing and it all starts with a good golf bag.

A Good Golf Bag

There are few things that are more important to a golfer than their golf bag – well perhaps their clubs are more important, but you have to have a good bag to carry them around in. There are also several features that golf bags come with and they all vary in style and color. In fact, you could have a golf bag for every day of the week or mood if you wanted.

Because we all don’t have a caddy to carry and hold our bags for us, some golf bags have legs of their own. These are nice as they allow you to stand your bag up and you don’t have to worry about bending up and down all day on the course. Besides, you’ll be doing plenty of bending all day anyhow.

All golf bags have a compartment specifically designed for the clubs. Each golfer tends to have their own specific way of doing things when it comes to putting the clubs where they want them. Some golfers though will just throw them all in and grab what they need when they need it. Some bags have handy little tubes that protect the golf club grips. These allow the golfer to get his or her clubs out easier. This keeps the clubs from becoming tangled and they also protect the grips.

Another important factor is to choose a golf bag that has plenty of pockets. There’s no such thing as too many pockets in a golf bag. First, one of the pockets will be used to hold the golf bag’s hood. The hood is used to keep the clubs and bag from filling up with water should it rain on you. Another pocket can be used to carry towels, because you can never have too many towels. Next, you’re going to need a pocket for tees and a divot tool. Of course, another pocket is going to be for the golf balls themselves. It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra pocket for extra golf balls as well, at least another dozen. If you’re on a course that is foreign to you, then there is no doubt that you may need a few balls just in case.

Many golfers may not realize it, but the golf bag is an essential part of the game.

The Shoes

Most golf courses require a specific type of shoe. However, some golfers may ask themselves whether or not golf shoes are really necessary. This is actually a personal decision for you to make yourself.

Many courses will require soft spikes to keep the course from getting too roughed up by people walking the course. Many club houses will also only allow soft spikes to be worn inside to save their carpet. Many people also see golf shoes as rather unfashionable footwear. However, golf shoes are far from being the ugliest shoes in sports and they are continuously being revamped by the popular shoe companies such as Nike. But, to answer our question are they really necessary? The truth of the matter is that they are not necessary. However, you are going to want a pair if you intend to spend quite a bit of time on the course.

But, should you choose to go with the golfing shoes you are going to want to be sure that you choose a pair that is comfortable and easy on your feet. If you toes are pinched or if you are getting a blister on your heels then you are going to be miserable all day long and even more when you get home. Also,if you are in pain then you are going to not perform up to par so to speak.

After comfort comes the tread. This is because your stance is important in a good swing, so you can’t have your toes sliding out beneath you. The tread pattern on the bottom of shoe. If the sole of the shoe is slick then you are not going to have much traction. The best type of tread pattern is another personal choice, but many golfers prefer a circular tread pattern while others like the “tire” tread pattern as well. Whichever pattern you choose, you need to ensure that the comfort is there as well. You also want to never worry about your shoes while you’re golfing and if you aren’t worrying about them then you have the perfect shoes for you.

The Balls

Okay, so we’ve got the bag, we’ve got the shoes, and now you need some golf balls. No matter how good of a golfer you are, you have to have golf balls to play. But, there is some controversy out there over which balls are best.

As with many things in golfing, it is really up to the golfer as to which balls are best for them. It’s all about what you expect out of the ball and how much money you are willing to spend on balls that may be potentially lost in the woods or at the bottom of a lake.

There are many golfers who have one brand and they stick to it. No matter what, they never use a different brand of golf ball. In fact, they will use no other ball and if they can’t get them then they are not going to go golfing. This may sound extreme, but there are some hard core golfers out there and everything has to be perfect.

Now, it you’re new to golfing and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your balls, then you should considered recycled balls. These balls have “been around” and they can be purchased in bulk. This is good because new golfers are going to be going through a lot of balls and you’re better off going the cheap route while you’re learning. And, more often than not, you’re going to have a few good name brand balls in that bag you purchase. You are going to be learning a lot about hitting the ball straight and you’re better off buying in bulk instead of watching a couple hundred dollars sink to the bottom of the lake on a golf course somewhere.

As your skills grow and become stronger, then you can begin moving up to a better grade of ball. This does not mean you want to buy the most expensive balls you can find, but some that are a step above the used balls you have been practicing with. Remember; think about the price of the ball, your skill level and how much you are willing to lose while practicing.

If you have a tendency to slice the ball or top the ball, then you are going to want to stick to the cheap recycled balls. While the ball does get a lot of spin, you are going to be gashing the ball with the club and they are not going to travel far. This means that you don’t want to necessarily stick with the used balls, but don’t invest in the top dollar balls just yet.

Theoretically, the better you get and the more your skill level increases, the better balls you will want to try out. It’s also a good idea to try out different ball brands and see which ones you like best. You should also give a lot of thought to the type of course that you will be playing on when purchasing your golf balls.

Pre-Owned Equipment

Be honest with yourself here, how many times have you started a new sport only to find yourself spending a ton of money on it and then not ever playing or deciding that it’s just not for you. Well, this has happened to several people in the golfing world and that’s why it may be best for you to consider pre-owned golf equipment rather than spending the money on all new equipment just so you can begin a game that you are not sure whether or not you are going to like it.

Also, if you are a budget but your sport of choice is golf, then you also have many options when it comes to pre-owned equipment. It doesn’t matter what you reasoning is, there are several reasons that you may consider pre-owned equipment. For one, there is a lot of “gently used” equipment out there. This equipment is from those people who began golfing but decided that it wasn’t for them or just don’t have the time for whatever reason. These items are often low priced and still in great shape and can be found a wide variety of sporting equipment business, pawn shops and golf shops.

Golf clubs are a very important part of the game, but let’s face it, they can be downright expensive. Purchasing used golf clubs can be tricky, but it’s not impossible and it’s a very feasible option. If you are patient and you know the type of clubs you are looking for then you will find that resale shops often have high quality products at low prices. If you are looking for left-handed clubs, you may be pleasantly surprised as well.

Gently worn golf shoes are also available as well. These can be found in a variety of places from yard sales to thrift shops and even eBay. You will often find name brand items at low prices simply because they are no longer of use to the previous owner. In most cases, they started golfing, went a couple times and never went back. Therefore, the shoes probably were only worn a hand full of times as well.

Used golf balls can be found everywhere. These balls are a smart purchase no matter what your skill level. You always need some used balls for putting around with and practicing, so why not buy them in bulk. You can often find them by the bags at yard sales and golf resale shops by the bucket full, as well as at golf courses and driving ranges. They have to do something with all of those balls they pick up off of the grounds. The same is true for tees as well. Bags of tees are easy to come find and cheap as well. Other gadgets such as ball washers, golf towels, and cleat wrench kits may also be found in a variety of locations.

Golf cars and carts can be found in a variety of locations as well. Manual push or pull carts are often expensive, but can also be found at a reasonable price if you look in the write place. Purchasing gently used golf carts can save you a pretty penny. If you find a golf car or cart that needs some work, don’t despair. You can often find repair kits and replacement parts in a variety of places.

If you’re running low on funds, but you can’t wait to hit the course then pre-owned items are the way to go. Besides, you can often get brand name items at half the cost of what they would be if they were brand new and they may serve you for years to come.

Golf Clubs

If you think any type of golf club will do, you couldn’t be more mistaken, because you haven’t been on the course trying to compensate for the bad club you’re holding in your hand. Besides destroying your game, ill fitting clubs will leave you aching after a day on the course as well. If you’re spending all of you’re time trying to make up for your bad clubs then you are by no means enjoying the game.

Custom clubs may be the answer to this problem, but the bottom line is that most people are not going to be able to afford to spend hundreds of dollars on custom clubs, especially if they are just starting out in the game. Most people, especially beginners, are going to be able to find what they need from a good golf store. But there are several things to keep in mind when you are shopping.

While the length of the clubs are important, it is not everything. In fact, the professionals say that the size of your club’s grips are quite important and that they should be comfortable in your hands. That’s why youth and women often use clubs with a smaller grip.

If you decide to splurge for the custom clubs, then there will be a process to follow. Buying custom clubs is not like buying a tailored suit. The point is not only to make the club reach from the point of your outstretched hand to the ground, but they must make use of your whole body and its strengths and weaknesses. In fact, the best custom clubs will even take into your account. So, don’t be surprised if getting your clubs made is both an indoor and outdoor affair and that more than your arm length is measured.
Many major golf club manufacturers will charge for a “fitting,” and it may be quite expensive. Many will also offer this service for free if you commit to buying the clubs from their company. Custom clubs are often more expensive than “off the shelf” clubs from your local golf supplier or outlet store, but the results will be seen on the course and probably as soon as take your first swing.

If you have been a golfer for awhile and you’re considering custom clubs, you should first think about all of the shots that you have spent time compensating for on the course and the beating your body may have taken because of it. If you’re taller or shorter than the so called “typical” golfer, then you may have strengthened a few unknown muscles while you compensated for clubs that did not “fit” you correctly. With custom clubs, you will no longer have to compensate.

Just because you are ordering custom clubs does not mean that you have to wait months for them to be manufactured. In fact, may manufacturers can have them to you with a few days at a couple of weeks at the most. Only you can decide whether or not custom clubs is the investment for you. If you’re really committed and willing to spend the money, then they may be a good buy for you and you will be taking your game to the next level.

Golf Gadgets and Accessories

There are a ton of golf gadgets on the market today and you may be tempted to buy several of them. However, the fact of the matter is that many of them are not necessary. The more you play the game, the more you will be looking for ways to improve your skills. These gadgets often range from the useful to the ridiculous.

If you’re having a hard time finding the time to hit the driving range and you can’t practice in your backyard, then you have a few options. Virtual golf is a unique gadget for that person who has limited space and time, but just loves the game. But, you may feel that you’re really not getting the practice you want because the ball is pretty much non-existent and you’re not really hitting it. Another option is a limited flight ball. These are a ball that you place on a tee and then hit like you normally would. But, the ball doesn’t travel outside of a particular area. Another option is a ball and a net. The catch is that you have to hit the next every time.

Putting pads and putting practice aids have been around for decades. Give yourself the advantage of gaining practice time in the comfort of your own home or the office. Choose the kits that are as simple as a green bad that has a thick place for a cup and even those that will return the ball back to you.

If you are a real techie kind of person, then you are going to love digital scorekeepers. Not only do you have an immediate way of keeping track of the score, but you have a digital record of it as well. This allows you to instantly recall scores from past games to assist you in improving your score for your current game.

If you are a dedicated golfer, then you have probably received a few odd golf gifts. Think of the covers that were handmade by crochet for your clubs, or your Tasmanian Devil club covers. You have probably even received a few towels, tees and balls. However, even the cutesy covers do serve a purpose and many golfers are secure enough to walk around the course with their Bugs Bunny covers peeking out from over the top of their bag.

If you’re having a hard time lining up the exact spot that you should be shooting for, there is a gadget for you too. There are several stencils that are available for people just like you. You simply use the stencil to mark the ball and then place it on the tee as directed. Then you have a clear target of where to hit.

A metronome is another gadget that a lot of golfers have broke out on the course. These are excellent for assisting you in getting the correct rhythm of your swing.

There is no doubt that there are e a million of golf gadgets on the market and many are useful. In fact, there have been several companies that were built around one gadget in particular. While you are shopping for gadgets, be sure you only purchase the ones that you really will use. Otherwise, you may simply be wasting money.

Every aspect of golf also has its own set of accessories. Just like the gadgets, there are a number of these that may prove useless to you, while you may not be able to live without others. In fact, golf clubs alone of a number of accessories that you can purchase. From head covers to customized golf grips. You can also find cleaning kits specifically for clubs.

Golf tees and balls are accessories in their own right. There are so many choices when it comes to tees and balls it can be mind-boggling. From generic inexpensive bags of tees, you can also find personalized golf tees in a variety of colors. You can also find rubber tees and brush tees. Brush tees are unique as the aim to give you increased accuracy.

When considering the accessories, you don’t want to forget about your won attire. There are numerous types of sunglasses, visors and caps available to keep the hot sun out of your eyes. Depending on where you live or what climate in which you usually play golf, you may need to invest in a few of these. If glare is your problem on the course, you may consider wrap around sunglasses with UV protectant lenses to clear up any glare issues. Umbrellas are also helpful in extreme heat and rain.

Golf towels are another popular accessory that you will see all over the courses. There are a number of logos and brand names out there. Golf towels serve not only to help wipe away the sweat on your brow, but to personalize the game for you as well. Ball retrievers are another accessory that you may want to consider. There are a number of generic ball retrievers that are affordable as well as personalized ball retrievers in a variety of styles.


The majority of the world is right-handed, but there are some lefties out there who enjoy golf as well. If a right-handed person goes shopping for equipment they can typically find whatever they need quite easily. Unfortunately the left handed player is not so lucky. There are some left-handed players who are able to play fro the right side, but they would all rather play from the side that is most comfortable for them. But, for the majority of left-handed players it is not feasible for them to do this, and thus, require the appropriate equipment.

Buying left-handed equipment can be a challenge. Unless you live in a large city or area where left-handed equipment is in demand, you will most likely end up having to order your clubs. The right-handed person can easily walk into any store and find exactly what they need.

Most golf store will carry a selection of left-handed clubs, with some left-handed putters. This is because it’s difficult for left-handed individuals to put from the right. It just does not feel natural and the result tends to be poor putting. If you are shopping for clubs, expect to have to order them. If you want to upgrade, you may as well consider custom clubs because you are going to have to order them either way.

Chapter 2 – Practice Makes Perfect

As with any sport there is a certain amount of practice that has to go into it if you want to be good. One of the best places to start is at the driving range. All reputable golf courses will have a driving range. There are also several stand alone driving ranges as well. All players should spend some time on the driving range to practice shots as well as get warmed up for a round on the links.

The driving range is also the best place to experiment. The driving range is a great place to practice a new shot or to try out a new technique. Bought new grips? This is the place to try them out. You never want to try out new grips or a new technique in the middle of a game. This is because a messed up shot or bad hit can put you in a rut for the rest of the game. It is always best to work on a new shot or try out new equipment on the driving range where nobody is keeping score.

Every golfer has his or her own way of getting ready to play when they go to the driving range. Some players choose to start with the smaller clubs and work their way up in weight and then finish off with the woods. Others will work backwards with the heavier clubs and get their stroke down with the driver and the woods and then they will work with their smaller clubs. For others, they will only use one club in particular. This is normally done if the player is having a hard time getting their stroke down and hitting with the club regularly.

By using one club, the golfer has the ability to focus on how they are using it and what they may be doing wrong. They can work on their grip and try to loosen up and become flexible. Or, they can work on their stance to see if that is the root of the problem. If a stance is too closed or open, it can have an adverse affect on their shot. With a closed stance, the golfer prevents themselves from getting the distance they need with that particular club. A stance that is too wide open will affect balance and accuracy. These are some of the things you can work on at the driving range.

Get Warmed Up

You may know that it’s important to warm-up before you go jogging or perform in another sport, but it’s also important to get warmed up before you play golf as well. In fact, it’s quite vital. The pros will tell you that this is the one step that you can’t skip. Many players will feel that they are ready to play as soon as they walk out of the clubhouse. They may not feel so great the next day though because they didn’t take a few minutes to get warmed up.

You may be wondering what exactly constitutes a warm-up because each person has a different athletic ability. You don’t have to hit a whole bucket of balls on the driving range, but you should take the time to hit a dozen balls. You should also start with the shorter ranges and work up to the longer shots.

It is also a good idea to do some light exercises. You may want to take a short walk before you start your game. The main reason that so many men have suffered from heart attacks while golfing is because they are out of shape. Their cardiovascular system is not prepared for the exertion that they meet while on the golf course. Even if you’re playing a relaxed game with friends or family, you are still capable of exerting yourself on the course and often more than you think you will.

If you are not a regular player, you will need to take the time to warm-up. This may mean that you need to go to the driving range or practice green before the rest of your party shows up. Many golfers will spend some time practicing at home or at the driving range and then park a further distance than usual from the clubhouse and allow that walk to be a part of their warm-up as well.

As your physical condition improves, you may not need to take as much time in your warm-up, but you still want to take the time to get stretched and warmed up to keep from pulling any muscles.

When it is time for you to warm-up, don’t think that you have to hit the driving range with a lot of force. Warming up is your opportunity to work on a variety of different swings or issues you may be having on the course. It is also a good time for you to get used to the weather conditions.

You are going to play differently depending on the weather that day. You will golf differently on a windy day than you would if the air is still. Driving is a good way to get going and to loosen up your muscles. Work up to longer drives in your warm-up, but remember that ball control is more important here than how far you can hit the ball. Many people think that they are warmed up once they have hit a few good drives. This is not necessarily true. You also need to take some time chipping and putting as well. A warm-up is also the time to get your emotions under control and to practice relaxing as well. Be sure to make the most of your swing and practice anything you may have learned in recent lessons.

Driving and smacking the ball around because you are frustrated is no way to warm-up and practice. You really need to use this time to relax, although bashing a ball with all you have is going to probably help you relieve some stress. At the same time, you take the risk of injuring yourself.

Another mistake that people make when warming up is that they practice with new clubs, swings or trying out different tips. This is not necessarily the best time to do this. Use your warm-up time to focus on the game ahead of you and not to practice. Warm- ups can also be a great confidence builder if you use the time wisely and don’t get yourself frustrated with practice. You won’t build your confidence up if you are continually making errors in a practice session.

If you are doubtful about the need for a good warm-up the proof will be when you hit your first tee and then compare it to your fourth. You may see that you do need a warm-up so that you can get your game started off on a good foot.

The Stance

Your stance can make or break your game, so you need to take the time to ensure that you practice and learn the way a good stance feels. However, you don’t want to stress out over your stance to the point that it begins to hinder your game. Many people will become so caught up in their stance that they lose sight of the real purpose, which is to have a perfect game. A perfect game is more than a good stance. You don’t want to ruin a good game by stressing over your stance.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work on your stance though. The professionals will tell you that your swing and your stance are the heart of the game and that they need to be good for you to be good. You arms should be in a fixed position, but never rigid. Many professionals will also tell you that it’s a good idea to begin with your arms hanging loosely at your side. Your feet should be place with your body slightly turned to the left, with the ball directly under the logo on your shirt. Your stance should also always begin with you being relaxed. This can actually be the most difficult part of the stance as people tend to become tense as they try to remember all of the stance rules.

Another affect on your stance is going to actually be your gender. There is a general consensus that most women need a wider stance from men. Balance is crucial and due to the fact that women are built differently than men in the hips and pelvis of men and women are different, women often need a wider stance. The male’s hips tend to be more rigid than female. Their body also reacts to the counter-swing and follows through differently as well. A woman’s hips are made to swing more easily and this can often give them an advantage. Finding a comfortable position is a process of trial and error, but once you find it you want to remember that feeling and practice it every time you play.

Finding the comfort zone is important, but you may have to move out of it in order to work on your stance. You shouldn’t stand in a position that is going to make you sore the next day, but you ma experience some discomfort as you use muscles you never knew you had before and as your body adjusts to this new activity. Remember to loosen your muscles up at the driving range before you hit the course.

Your stance is only a part of your game, but it is a very important aspect of your game. Coupled with the grip your swing, it makes up the ability to play a consistent game of golf. Don’t forget these aspects of the game as you practice and work on your stance.

Golf Swing Analysis

When it comes to a good game, you need a good swing. Your swing may very well be the most important aspect of the game and it is an area that you will definitely need to focus on. There are hundreds of instructional videos and gadgets that are designed to assist you in working on your swing. There is also software available to the general public that aid in perfecting your swing. Whether you are a novice, amateur or professional, your swing will always be something that you will work on.

The main component of a successful game is your swing. The key to perfecting your swing is to have it analyzed and your style critiqued. Golf swing analysis can be achieved with a software program that has been proven time and time again to help golfers create a better swing, no matter what their shape or size.

Whether you are a serious golfer or a recreational golfer, there is golf swing analysis software that can assist you be the best player you can be. You may also discover that your swing might be the main cause to you not being as successful as you would like. More importantly, you will be able to see where you need to improve and what you need to change.

With the software that is available there is no reason that you cannot have a professional swing and play just like the professionals. A good swing takes practice and patience, but you will surely be the envy of your golf buddies with your newly found power and control. Easing your way from one hole to the next with grace can only be accomplished with a good and solid swing.

Some software available will also have instructions from your favorite pro golfers. Other software will use golfers who are eager to improve their swing and will create a difference in your swing in a matter of weeks. No matter what type of software you use, you will find that they are excellent assistants in improving your swing.

Software that improves golf swings with analysis information is user friendly in most cases and can be found as downloads as well. You can also take advantage of free trial software and choose the one that is right for you.

Instructional Golf Videos

Instruction videos have bee around for ages. They are able to provide you with illustrated golf lessons and techniques to assist you in improving your game. These lessons are also shown to you in real time and slow motion so that you can watch every aspect of the motion. Instructional videos can also be obtained in a wide variety of stores and on the Internet. Many of these lessons are very valuable as well as functional.

Instructional videos are unique as they allow you to enhance your skills mentally and physically. With the picture from the video in mind you are able to see exactly what you need to do when you are practicing. You have a mental picture that you can work with and it will assist you in becoming a better player.

Whether you are trying to improve your swing or stamina, there is going to be advice that you can use on these videos. Every aspect of the game will be laid out and you can watch them over and over again.

You are not only challenged by your competitors in golf, but you are challenged by the course as well. Improving your game every time you play will only serve to make the game more enjoyable for you.

Golf is a game that has a lot of high expectations and there are both external and internal elements that are key components to the game. Instructional golf videos are found to fit any budget as well. You can also find them for each level of player with videos for the novice, the amateur and even the professional. As technology grows, these videos are becoming more useful than they have ever been. With enhanced imaging, you are able to watch the golf swings as they are being explained and analyzed. You are also able to gain a greater depth of understanding as you have a better view of what is happening in the mechanics of the swing. You will also learn the do’s and don’ts of the swing.

These high quality videos can be found in a variety of online and offline stores. Some of your favorite golfing websites will also have a selection of videos available to you.

Golf Lessons

If you have been considering playing golf or if you are in search of a better game of golf, then you may have considered taking a few lessons, but how beneficial are these lessons and are they for you?

There are those players who will swear that lessons are essential and that practicing with a coach is the only way to improve. However, the truth is somewhere in the middle and it really depends on the person. Before you sign up for lessons, consider what it is you hope to accomplish in lessons. It is often beneficial to outline your goals and then decide if they are something that can be met through lessons.

If you play with others who are exceptional players, you may want to find someone to help your game. Whether you pay a coach or just meet with a friend, it is up to you. Getting pointers and tips is often a good way to improve your game and it is a good way to ensure that you are not going to embarrass yourself in front of other players.

If you’re a serious player, then you have probably been involved in the game long enough that you don’t need advice as to whether or not you need lessons. If you have only recently discovered golf, then you may want to learn the game from a knowledgeable person.

Golf lessons may very well be what you need to get off to a good start. Some people say that golf lessons give them a set time to practice. This is often beneficial for a player that tends to lack the motivation to get out to practice. If you have an appointment, you can’t let your coach down. This is also a good time to get practice without interruptions because if you were to play on your own, you may easily find yourself caught up in the social aspect of things as friends pass you by. However, some people find that having their every move scrutinized is too distracting for them.

Remember, your golf coach’s goal is to teach you how to golf correctly. That means that they are going to have some of their own habits or preferences that they try to ingrain in people and they will be trying to break several of your habits as well. While golfing correctly is an excellent goal, many golfers actually have bad habits that actually help their game, so breaking of habits is not always good. There will always be a few changes that you will want to resist and it is up to you to determine which habits are working for you and which ones are working against you. You have two options in this situation. You can either do your best to change or you can explain to them that there are a few things that you don’t want to change. If you don’t plan on changing though, you may need to reevaluate why you are taking lessons. You don’t want them to be a waste of your time and you coach’s time.

Golf lessons can be great for some people and not for others. Like many things in golf, it is simply up to you to decide.

Online Golf Lessons

There are many ways to take golf lessons these days. May are very effective and may are quite convenient. Online golf lessons are quickly becoming an effective way to gain knowledge of strategies and techniques.

Finding the best website for online golf lessons are relatively simple. There are several comfortable and user-friendly sites out there and many of them offer online golf lessons. There are also several means in which the lessons are utilized.

Online golf lessons can include tips on how to improve specific aspects of your golf game. On most sites, there will be an overall generalization that will provide you with a good idea of the broad scope of golf. This occurs at first and then you will be directed towards the knowledge that you are trying to gain and then the information can become personalized to your needs.

There will be a lot of valuable information for you as well. There will be good information on the proper stance and what adjustments to your stance can accomplish. You will also find information on the swing and swing analysis. Online golf lessons can also include time and effort that is geared specifically towards the mental aspect of your game and how your mentality can affect the outcome. Golf is competitive and in many cases you are your hardest competitor as well as the course.

In many cases, these types of lessons are offered for free and may simply be included in your favorite golf website. In many cases, you can find golf lessons that are presented in PDF form and you can download the information to your computer for a minimal cost. Payment may be secured through credit card or PayPal. Shopping around can find you effective lessons for your level of interest in golf. Searching for the perfect lessons for you will keep the cost down and you won’t be downloading unnecessary files.

One benefit for utilizing the Internet to obtain golf lessons is that you can improve your skills at your leisure. You can study and practice at your leisure and then you have the lessons ready for you to study when you have the time.

Chapter 3 – Playing the Game

All About the Clubs

If you are new to golfing then you know that there are a bunch of clubs you can use, but you may not know which ones are for what. Here is a breakdown of each club and their purpose.

The One Iron

Professional golfer Lee Trevino has been quoted as saying that not even God could hit a one-iron. Just shortly after, Trevino was hit by lightening and survived. This aside, many golfers do agree that the one-iron is a useless club. The one-iron is the longest of the irons and the hardest to hit and be consistent with. For the average golfer, and many professionals, a one-iron may not even be need and just takes up room in the golf bag. In an instance in which the golfer might choose to use a one iron, the better choice is often the wood. For example, if a golfer’s drive went two hundred and fifty yards on a par 4 hole, it would have left him about another two hundred and fifty yards away. A one iron could be used to hit a ball that far, but it is difficult to control the ball with it. The golfer is often better off just using a three wood. The tree wood is known as being a good field wood and can easily get the ball on the green. The wood is also easier to hit and control.

The one iron, however, is not necessarily good for nothing. It is an excellent club to use if you are trying to retrieve a ball out of the weeds and if you need to just throw something at a tree – get your frustrations out on the one iron.

The Seven Iron

On the flip side of things, the seven iron is often considered to be the “perfect golf club.” This was explicitly show in the movie “Tin Cup” starring Kevin Costner.

A golfer s literally able to shoot par on just about any course using nothing more than their seven iron and their putter. Granted, the club is not designed to hit the ball far, but depending on how strong you are, you may be able to hit anywhere from one hundred and seventy five yards to two hundred and twenty five yards. Those distances are nothing to sneeze at.

Following the drive, the golfer is then able to make an approach shot. Depending on the length of the hole, the golfer could easily continue using the seven iron with either a full swing or a cut swing. This would adjust the distance that the ball goes. Depending on distance and weather conditions, they may want to put the ball in front or in the back of their stance. This will allow the ball to have more loft or keep it low. This will depend on which stance is taken.

As the golfer approaches the green, they can use the seven iron as a wedge to chip the ball. Through an adjustment in their stance, they can control the distance of the ball again.

Another use of the seven club was shown in the move “Tin Cup” was using the seven iron as a putter. This maneuver does take a lot of courage and is not necessarily suggested for the average golfer.

On short, par 3 holes, the seven iron is the perfect club. You can tee the ball up and hit out of the back or front of his or her stance. Depending on the length of the hole, the ball may be teed off higher for more distance. It may feel awkward to have both feet in front of the ball, but it will prevent the golfer from getting to much of a swing and flying the green. It does allow the ball to be hit higher and more control.

A well hit seven iron is beautiful. The ball takes off majestically and will follow its designated flight plan. The ball will fly beautifully through the air and will land gently on the turf. This can help bring the golfer one step closer to his or her goal.

The Five Iron

Aside from the seven iron, the five iron is a club that every golfer needs. This is because the five iron can be easily used in a variety of situations.

Though not as versatile as a seven iron, the five iron is versatile as well. Most golfers have a maximum range of about one hundred and eighty yards with a five iron. This is not a short distance to say the least. This club is great for distance. It allows the golfer to have confidence and if struck properly, the ball will majestically hurl towards the green.

The five iron is also good for getting out of the rough and onto the fairway. This does depend on how deep the rough is though. If the rough is four to six inches deep, the best thing you can do is grab your wedge. It is better to lose a stroke than it is to use several, which could potentially happen if you attempted to power the ball out of the rough with the five iron.

This club is easy to control as well. It has a perfect length and feel. It is also great to swing. The five iron is a mid to long range club. The speed of the club head determines how far the ball will be hit. A well-hit five iron shot will likely go where the golfer expects it to go and can look like a shot on television. It will also cover a great deal of territory in a short time and will help the golfer get the ball on the green.

The Nine Iron

The majority of golfers have a nine-iron in their bag. Many may wonder what exactly it is used for. The nine iron can’t be used if the ball is more than a hundred and thirty yards from the green. Any further back, the golfer would choose either a seven or eight iron. A nine-iron has a highly angled head, for a regular iron. It does not assist you in pitching, lofting, chipping or sand wedge, though the nine iron does offer more distance than clubs in the wedge family.

The nine iron is a good short-range utility club and does provide good elevation from the fairway to the green. The nine iron can also be used to chip and used as a sand wedge should you wind up in a bunker and not have a sand wedge handy.

If a golfer finds himself one hundred and forty yards from a hole, the nine iron can be used in place of the seven or eight iron. The golfer may want to think about blading the ball for the extra distance, but they may have to sacrifice elevation. There are times when this shot is necessary though and a seven or eight iron could be too much club for the distance. This will, of course, depend on the course and any obstacles.

The nine iron is a good choice for chipping one hundred yards out or closer as well. By placing the ball in the back of the stance, a golfer is able to gain elevation on the ball and cut the distance. If the golfer keeps their feet close together, they will not be able to as hard and will not fly the green.

Additionally, the nine iron is good if you are playing short par 3 holes. Some courses have par 3 holes that are short as one hundred yards and anything more will be too much club. The stance is also important here as well, as you do not want to drive the ball over the green. A closed stance will help cut the distance. If the ball is properly struck, the ball should fly in a perfect parabolic curve. The ball should land on the green gently and it should role near the cup, hopefully.

The Seven Wood

Of all of the clubs in your bag, the seven wood may often be overlooked. There are those out there who believe the seven wood is the best field wood in the bag. There are also golfers who do not agree with this. This is just a matter of opinion, but the seven wood is as close to a perfect field wood as a golfer can have in his or her bag. This is because the seven wood is easy to swing and gives the golfer more distance and accuracy.

The seven wood is a great club from about two hundred and twenty five yards in. First off, the ball is easy to get under the ball and the elevation to move ball toward the green. This is where all golfers want to be in as few strokes as possible. Now, should a golfer have a seven wood with a graphite shaft the golfer will have a better feel of the ball as compared to a metal shaft. The graphite will make the club more flexible and give the ball extra lift.

Another great thing about the seven wood is it a near perfect club on a long par 3 or a short par 4. Let’s say a golfer is looking at a one hundred and eighty yard par 3. It would be possible for a golfer to grab a three or four iron out of the bag and make the drive. If you choose the seven wood, then you have a little something extra. He or she can tee the ball a little higher than they could with an iron. This helps them get the ball up in the air faster and headed toward the green.

Slight alterations in the golfer’s stance can help the golfer get around and over an obstacle as well. If the golfer is about a hundred and sixty five yards out and a tree is ten yards away, the golfer can hook the ball around the tree. This type of shot will allow the golfer to get a lot of power and elevation.


Many golfers will spend a lot of time working on an awesome drive. But, the truth is that the put is just as important, because the ball has to drop in the cup if you want to win the game.

Learning to putt accurately is a great way to spend your practice time. Even if you are consistently able to land the ball on the green, you still need to be able to drop the ball in the cup.

The “yips” are the bane of many golfers. Yips are breaks or hesitations. These cause you to have a less than smooth putt. A smooth stroke will lend you better control over the ball. When you’re practicing your putt, you need to pay attention to accuracy. If you’re having trouble controlling the line of travel of the ball, you will want to give yourself some help until you have a better feel for things. You might find it helpful to mark your club to indicate the center of the putter. Marking the ball can also help you have a solid swing. Chalk is a good way to mark your club, as you can easily wipe them off when you’re done practicing.

Try making a mental picture of how the ball should travel. If that mental picture doesn’t help, try laying a piece of string on the ground between the ball and the cup. It may seem like a very simple thing, but watching the point that your ball veers can help you figure out what you need to do to correct the problem.

Too much spin on a putt creates problems as well. Spin is one of the most difficult things to control and a short distance putt is all about control. If it is a long putt, you can resist the urge to put too much muscle into your swing. This will help you avoid unnecessary loft. The higher the ball travels, the less control you will have over it.

Another thing you have to do is resist the urge to overshoot the target. Overshooting is a problem in many sports. It is human nature to overdo things and you want to guard against that when putting. There’s little more frustrating than to overshoot the putt. Remember, when you’re ready to putt, take a moment to ensure you have your swing under control.

What Makes a Good Golf Course?

A question that plagues many golfers is, “What is a good golf course?” The answer is in the lay of the land it is on.

A good course needs to have rolling hills, preferably with a pond or two, trees, an area that can be used as a fairway and a rough area, as well as enough room for sand traps. There are a lot of so-called golfers who don’t think a course should have any sand traps. Sand traps can improve both the course and the skills of the golfers who play on the course.

A good golf course should be designed so as every hole should be unique and different. If every hold was straight and four hundred and twenty yards away, the course would be boring. A good golf course should have holes that dogleg right or left as well. There should also be a lot of obstacles so the flag cannot be seen from the tee box.
Good golf courses have elevated tee boxes to assist the golfer in getting more elevation on their drives. Once the ball hits the fairway, the elevation is up to the golfer to create.

Another aspect of a good golf course is the people who maintain it. Some courses will have professional groundskeepers. Their job is to keep the fairway smooth and the roughs rough. The greens should be closely cropped. This can make a world of difference in a golf game.

Speaking of grass, the better courses will have bent grass greens. This keeps the ball from rolling off the green once it hits. A green with bermudagrass is a good green, but the ball will not be hindered from rolling by the grass. The bent grass greens wind up with more divots however.

The attitude of the grounds crew also has a lot to do with the course. If the people there have bad attitudes, the golfers are not able to focus on the game and they will remember how they were treated. A friendly and helpful staff is best.

Well maintained golf cart paths are also important. A broken or rough path will cause you to be even more tired at the end of the day. This may also cause them to drive on the fairways instead.

One of the things that makes a poor golf course is a rough course. Some golf courses will have rocks. This is not a good thing and will have a bad affect on the balls.

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