12 Free Tips to extend your phone battery life

It’s almost 1:30PM and you only have 4% battery left. You wonder how you’re gonna be able to meet with your friend at 6PM because your phone is going to die soon. How many times have you been frustrated because your phone battery got drained?

Your phone emits a radiation that’s 1000 times stronger when the battery is low. It is better to make a phone call when your battery is full.

Save - Battery Life

Here are some ways to improve your battery life.

Tip 1

What’s killing your phone battery right now?

Go to: Settings – Battery
You’ll be able see an organized breakdown of what’s consuming your phone battery.
Now you know.

Extend battery life

Extend battery life

Tip 2

Turn off connectivity features

Simple question: Right now, do you really need to use these?
– 3G / 4G LTE or mobile data connection
– Bluetooth

You would be amazed how much battery these connectivity features consume.
Go to ‘Settings’ and turn off unnecessary features if you don’t need to use any of them right now.

Tip 3

Adjust Screen brightness and timeout

One of the thing that consumes the most your battery is screen brightness. Reduce it, or at least adjust it. The brighter the screen is, the more battery it uses. Go to Settings then Display and you’ll be able to change the brightness, autorotation, timeout etc… For example setting Sleep to 30 seconds of inactivity will consume twice less battery than 1 minute.


Tip 4


Instead of letting your apps or widgets sync their data automatically, choose to do it manually. Enable autosync only for apps you need. Some apps are automatically scheduled to sync, they will look for an active Internet connection. When apps find a connection, they will start syncing even if there’s nothing to sync. It uses power, so either set apps to sync manually or set them to sync less frequently. Go to Settings and Accounts & Sync (or sometimes only Accounts and you will be able to tap on apps to modify sync frequency) to choose which app can sync. Finally, avoid widgets on your homescreen that regularly refresh to get new datas, like weather apps for example.

Tip 5

Photos uploads

Each time you take a picture, Google uploads it to your account to back it up. Navigate to settings and find your e-mail address under Accounts. Tap the account name again to access sync settings. Now you can uncheck apps you don’t want synced. Included there is that “Google Photos” option, Dropbox or cloud apps do that too. Alternatively, head to the Gallery app then Settings, and disable Google Photos Sync.

Tip 6

Minimize notifications

Disable or minimize notifications and alerts for apps that you don’t need those for.

Tip 7

Wallpapers and themes

What seem pretty can actually drain your battery life very fast. Wallpapers and themes consume power because they use CPU and GPU resources to animate. And the darker your background is, the less battery it will consume.

Tip 8

Calibrate your battery every 2-3 times a year

The first time you use your phone, use it until the battery dies. Then fully charge your phone to 100%. It will recalibrate the battery to extend its life. How to calibrate your battery:
1. Use your phone and let it die completely until it shuts off.
2. Plug your phone in and without a break let it charge to 100%.
3. Unplug your phone and use it completely until it dies and shuts off.
4. Repeat this 4 times. You want to perform 4 full 100% charge cycle.
It might take several days but after the fourth cycle you should notice the difference. You can do that with laptops and tablets too!

Tip 9

Turn on vibration only when you need to.

Vibration is one feature that consumes battery and you can’t see in any screen, features or apps that show what’s using your battery right now. Of course, vibration is a must when you don’t want to disturb people around you.

Tip 10

Use a power control widget

Head to your widgets and hold on Power Control widget to put it on your homescreen

power control widget

Now you can switch off WIFI, bluetooth, GPS, autorotation and adjust the brightness with ease>

power control widget

Tip 11

Power-saving mode and killer-task apps

If your phone doesn’t automatically go to power-saving mode at a certain % (usually 15% or 20%) then you can download an app to help your phone saving battery. Get a killer-task app. Often kill apps that are still running in the background. It saves a lot of battery!

Tip 12

Get better signal when you can

The more your phone searches for a network, the more battery life it uses.


If you're going to charge your phone and don't need to use it immediately, you can charge it a bit faster.

To charge your phone faster, switch it to Airplane Mode. With all connectivity off, it will charge faster!

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