Hangover Symptoms

For many years people have engaged in the consumption of alcohol. Whether it be celebrating the marriage of a friend or mourning the loss of a job, people have found themselves at the bottom of a bottle time and time again.

Whatever the case anyone who has kicked back one too many can tell you that a hangover is one of the worst feelings and side effects in the world. It’s just downright miserable. The night before went great and you had a total blast. You’re proud to say that you only made yourself look like an idiot on two occasions and you made it home safe and sound.
Now the next morning comes and you are doubled up over the toilet with and frozen bag of peas on your neck and head and you are praying to the porcelain gods to make the hangover go away.

A hangover occurs when a person consumes large amounts of alcohol. The symptoms range from feeling tired and lethargic, headache, vomiting, dizziness, dehydration, and overall feeling like crap. The good news is hangovers can be cured, and prevented with a few steps and a little discipline. Hangovers occur because of two basic things; dehydration and toxicity.

In this report I will be covering the many ways to avoid hangovers and what you can do to prevent them. We will actually go into detail and dissect hangovers. We will discuss what happens when hangovers occur, why, and what you can start doing before you even drink to avoid having to deal with hangovers so you can be up and going the next day as if nothing ever happened.

So pay close attention and take down notes if needed so the next time you decide to throw down alcohol like there’s no tomorrow you will be prepared to take care of you and your body. So, let’s get started!

The Anatomy of a Hangover

What is a Hangover?

A hangover occurs when a person consumes too much alcohol. Some case studies show people had hangovers with as little as two beers. It really depends on what you are drinking, if you are mixing drinks, and what your tolerance is, and a number of other factors. It is said that men have a higher tolerance for alcohol. My opinion on that is the simple factor of height and weight.

What Are the Symptoms?

– Headache
A headache occurs when alcohol in the bloodstream sucks all the vitamins and nutrients from the body and organs. Once the organs start to dry up, the organs begin to take moisture from the brain. When this happens the brain actually shrinks and the blood vessels become inflamed making it harder for blood to flow through the brain and causing pressure. As the brain shrinks it pulls at the membranes that connect the brain and skull thus giving one whopping headache.

– Diarrhea
For some people just the night before and all the alcohol they drank can leave them with an awful upset stomach. As for acute or chronic binge drinkers they can develop usual bouts of diarrhoea from chronic ethanol ingestion.

– Nausea and Vomiting
Feeling like crap the next day goes hand-in-hand with drinking alcohol. This is your body’s way of saying, “Hey fool, I’ve had too much to drink!” The best thing to do is sleep, eat some food if you can to help absorb the alcohol, or take a hot shower to sweat the toxins out of your body. If you do throw up, as bad as it is, this will make you feel better because you are getting the alcohol out of your system. So as stupid as it sounds… pray to throw up if you want to feel better.

– Lethargic
This basically results to being dehydrated. You have consumed a lot of a drug known as a depressant so naturally are going to feel sluggish. This can also be accompanied by dizziness.

– Dehydration
When you drink too much alcohol your body naturally tries to rid itself of harmful toxins thus causing you to urinate like a mule. The more you drink, the more you urinate.
The body starts to urinate of fluid four times faster than usual. This is the reasoning for dehydration.

– Red Eyes
Red eyes are another symptom associated with hangovers. This is explained simply because your body is dehydrated; taking all the moisture from your eyes leaving them dry, itchy, and blood shot. So now you know some of the most common symptoms of hangovers and why they occur. In the next chapter we will discuss some of the best foods you can eat before or after drinking in order to help prevent or cure a hangover. So let’s move on.

Drinks That Mainly Cause Hangovers

You may or may not have heard that some drinks can give you a more severe hangover. Some would say that this is a myth, but the evidence available points that a statement
of such is far from the truth. The fact is some alcoholic beverages can leave you with a more severe hangover than others. I have seen this with my own eyes, and you probably have too. Picture this scenario. You have a few friends in from out of town and you all decide to go out to the club to have an exciting night.

Since it’s been so long sense you and your friends have been together you all decide to really make a night of it and go all out, buying cases of beer, lots of shots of whiskey, and engaging in shot after shot of Jägerbombs.

This however can lead to a more major hangover than you and your friends bargained for. Alcoholic beverages containing alcohol and sugar are the leading reasons for having a hangover that just won’t quit. It is actually the fact of mixing the depressant, which is alcohol, and the sugar, which is a stimulant that causes these dramatic changes. Beverages like Jack and Coke, White Russians, Black Russians, Kahlua, Vodka and Redbull, Espresso Martinis, and Jägerbombs are the main kind of drinks that should be avoided if you don’t want to spend the night making friends with the toilet. This is also a dangerous practice even though you may have not ever given it much thought.

Caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics. This means they drain the body of its much needed fluids. As your body loses more and more fluid, in turn you become more and more dehydrated.

When mixing the two components together you become dehydrated much quicker than you normally would. At this moment the kidney function starts to increase and the liver function must also increase its work in order to help aid the kidneys to cleanse the blood and remove the toxins.

Naturally we all know that alcohol causes liver damage, so adding caffeine to the mix sure isn’t going to help you unless you are on a quest to obtain a fatty, rotten liver and a pounding headache for a mammoth hangover.

These types of drinks and similar ones are the direct and leading cause of dehydration. It is advised to stay away from these types of drinks. Many may not like that advice so if you are set that this is what you want to drink use some discipline and limit what you consume.

Another thing that I find quiet alarming is the number of car accidents associated with these types of drinks in question. Many of the victims that consumed these drinks didn’t feel the true effects of intoxication because of the amount of caffeine in their systems. They were lead into a false sense of sobriety and did not realize actually how drunk they really were.

With these types of drinks caffeine in our systems causes a rise in blood pressure, while alcohol lowers it and dilates the blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. The body is now working against itself and the heart has to adjust to the never ending variation of blood flowing through our body, thus making our blood pressure rise. This can not only be very dangerous at the time, but it can also have devastating effects on you for the long term also.

Another reason as I have mentioned before is while consuming alcoholic beverages with sugar you have a false sense of sobriety. So, not only do you think you have more driving ability than a NASCAR superstar, but you also think you can consume a lot more alcohol than you really should. You never notice this until the next morning when you wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a MACK truck or you wake up in a drunk tank in the slammer.

Last, but not least the caffeine tends to stay in your body longer with alcohol resulting
in the heart working overtime and harder. You can still have a great time while out with friends and party, but just try to avoid these drinks we talked about and keep in mind why and the reasons I have listed.

Beverages To Avoid During Hangover


One of the number one beverages you want to avoid are beverages that contain caffeine. Caffeine only drains what little energy you have and will make your stomach feel 10 times worse than what it feels already. Make sure that you stay with fruit juices or clear liquids to ensure that you don’t add more pain during your hangover.

More Alcoholic Drinks

It is a common misconception that putting more alcohol in your body helps cure your symptoms of a hangover. I’m not saying that one drink isn’t going to help any of your symptoms that you are experiencing from your hangover, however you are certainly defeating the purpose of trying to get rid of the alcohol level in your bloodstream, which will only ag-on the duration of your alcohol. You want to get rid of alcohol in your body… not put more into it.

When you experience a hangover your symptoms can last up to 24 hours! So you may find it to be a wise idea to hold off on anymore alcohol consumption for the next 36 hours to give your body the recovery time it needs to heal!

Milk And Other Dairy Products

You want to stay away from any milk or dairy products when you are experiencing a hangover. Especially if you are experiencing symptoms of stomach pains and upset stomach. Milk will only mix with acids present in your stomach and will then sour on your stomach. Nothing is worse then throwing up chunks of milk period… especially when you are hungover! However, milk can help you to prevent a hangover from happening. Drinking a glass of milk before your night of partying will fill your stomach more which will alleviate the amounts of alcohol you will be able to consume. So if you don’t feel like consuming a plate of food before you go on your night out on the town then consume a fulfilling glass of milk. Surprisingly it will not upset your stomach while consuming alcohol.

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