Running Tips Bonus

51. Keep a training journal.

Just before starting your training program for running, make sure to have training journal on your side for it. The journal can help you in monitoring your progress as the days and weeks pass by. Aside from that, it can also remind you on certain things that you need to do or achieve during the whole duration of the training.

52. Breathing too hard.

Once you are already breathing too hard while you are running, it is a sign that you should slow down. You can even just walk once you are having a hard time breathing, until you feel comfortable again. You need to do this, so that you won’t be putting too much pressure on your body in running.

53. Finding a beginner training program.

If you have just signed up for your first race, it is important to find a beginner training program for it. The program should provide you with the necessary information that you can follow, so that you can properly prepare yourself for the race. Aside from that, it can also offer lots of tips on how to prevent injuries while you are training.

54. Visit a running store for your running shoes.

A running store is described or named as such, due to the fact that they specialized in shoes and other things that pertain to running. Thus, it is best that you acquire your first pair of running shoes from them. Aside from that, in most cases, they have assistants that can provide you better assessment when it comes to choosing the kind of shoes that would suit you best.

55. Practicing near at home.

If you are in the process of selecting places to train yourself for the race, then it is best if you can pick a routine, which is close to your home. This way, you won’t have to spend some time to get to another place just to train. With its convenience, you can have more chances of being able to stick with it.

56. Learn more each day.

Even experts in running would say that they learn something new from it everyday. Thus, you should do so, not just by running more, but also in reading magazines or books about it. There are lots of books and magazines available today at bookstores, as well as in online stores.

57. Don’t be ashamed of walking.

If you are new to running or to getting some exercise for that matter, then you may have to start with walking, to properly condition your body for running. Keep in mind that lots of people are going through this route as well. Aside from that, some people even do not run, but simply walk in order to get in shape.

58. Variety is the spice of life.

Going through the same route each and every day of your training can become boring. Thus, it is a good idea to vary it. Visit other places, which you can reach through running or walking, so that you can make it more interesting and less boring. Aside from that, it can also make your body tougher for having to adjust to a new kind of terrain.

59. Try to improve your speed from time to time.

Training for speed can also help you improve your leg muscles. Thus, speeding up towards a certain light post and running at a normal speed to the next can already provide you with more benefits. Do this on a regular basis, so that you can also vary your training.

60. Build your endurance.

Running is one of the best ways to build your endurance. However, there are also other activities you can do, which can improve your stamina, aside from running. Some of which would be brisk walking towards the grocery store, using the stairs in climbing up to your office, and more. By doing all these things, you will be able to build your endurance more, and experience the effects when you run.

61. Run harder in the later part of your runs.

Running harder in the later part of your runs can actually provide you with a lot of beneficial effects. For one, it can improve your stamina. Aside from that, it can also improve your ability to sprint. Thus, do this technique from time to time, so that you can experience the desirable results from it soon.

62. How to go through rough spots.

When you have to go through rough terrain while you are running, you may find it a bit difficult, especially if its unfamiliar to you. To do it more effectively, you should focus more on your feet every time it touches the ground. Aside from that, you should also become more conscious on the sounds of your breath. By doing this, you won’t be able to notice the toughness of the route, and be able to go through it with ease.

63. Getting rid of side cramps.

One of the best ways to get rid of side cramps is to do abdominal breathing, when you are running. Aside from gaining relief from side cramps, it can also develop your lungs more, since it is the right way to breathe. Moreover, abdominal breathing also helps your body absorb more oxygen, which can improve your overall well being.

64. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

There may be times when you are not able to hit your goals on time. When this happens, you should not be too hard on yourself and give up on it. You should let it go, and focus on the next goal that you want to target. You should not get discouraged of your failures, since they can be the reasons that you would have more drive in hitting your goals.

65. Don’t forget to get some rest.

Resting is actually as important as the other elements in working out or in running. This is because when you are resting, you are actually providing your body a chance to repair its worn out tissues. Thus, it is best that you make it a part of your training plan, so that you can maximize your benefits from it.

66. Buy a treadmill.

If you don’t want to miss running, when the weather does not permit you to do so, then you should purchase a treadmill soon. There are certain types of treadmills that are available in affordable prices today, which can already serve its purpose. Check them out, so that you no longer have to spend a rainy day doing nothing inside your house.

67. Be wary of the sun.

When you are running on midday, you should take note that it may be the time when the sun shine’s at its brightest. In other words, you may get exposed to intense hit, which can get you easily dehydrated. Thus, aside from wearing sunscreen, you should also wear a hat. Additionally, don’t forget to properly hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water.

68. Running during winter.

Running on midday during winter time is actually a good idea, since it may not be too cold at that time of the day. However, you may still need to wear layers of winter dress. Aside from that, you should also wear a winter hat, and topping it with a headband, so that you will be able to cover your ears.

69. Always check the weather.

The night before you run, you should make it a point to check the weather for the following day. This can allow you to prepare for the next day’s weather, whether it is going to be hot or cold. If it is hot, one of the things you can do is to fill up your water jug halfway, and put it inside the freezer. The next day, pour some water into it, just before heading out.

70. Run facing the vehicles.

When you are running on a busy street, you should face the traffic, in order to practice safety. This is because, when you run facing traffic, you can easily see if a car goes out of its lane. Aside from that, it is also best if you are running with a partner, so that you can both watch each other’s back.

71. Eating a well balanced diet.

No matter how many miles you would run, you may not be able to achieve your goals if you are not following a healthy diet. A healthy diet should consist of foods that can provide you with the essential nutrients for your body. It should be complete with protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

72. Run and lose weight to make it easier.

If you want to make running easier, you should also aim to lose weight. Each time you lose weight, you would actually be making it easier for you to run, due to the fact that your body would become lighter. Thus, you should make sure that you are following a diet that is not filled with too much fats and calories, so that you can achieve that.

73. Prevent dehydration.

Dehydration is something that you need to prevent when you are running. It is true that drinking more water can effectively prevent it. However, if you are planning to run on longer distances, then you should drink more electrolytes as well. There are drinking products that are filled with electrolytes these days. Aside from that, you can also purchase electrolyte concentrates, which you can mix with your water, from pharmacies.

74. Eating on long runs.

If you are planning to do long runs, which can take hours in a day, then you should eat all throughout of it. Eating every hour while you are doing a long run is actually important. It can help you maintain the level of energy that you need to get through it safely. Thus, you should eat every hour or so, even if you don’t feel like it.

75. What to do to hasten recovery.

If you want to recover immediately after a long run, then you should get some rest, by sleeping at least 8 hours each night. Aside from that, you should also eat and drink within the hour after running. Follow these steps, so that you can shorten your recovery period effectively.

76. Carrying water during long runs.

There are lots of people today who do not want to carry their own bottles of water while they are running. If you are one of them, then at least carry some cash with you, and make sure that there are small corner stores within your route. With that, you can easily stop by them, purchase water, use the bathroom, and rest a bit.

77. Lift weights.

Lifting weights can also help you improve your running, especially if you get your legs involved as well. When you build more muscles, you would actually feel lighter, since you are making your body more capable of carrying itself. Thus, aim to build bigger and stronger muscles, so that you can also run faster.

78. If there is no time for running.

When you only have around 15 minutes of spare time to run, then you should still do it. Running for 15 minutes is actually better than not being able to run at all. To avoid time constraints though, you should setup a running schedule effectively, so that you no longer have to postpone many running sessions.

79. What to do with your hands while running.

Clenching your fist as if you were going to break an egg while you are running, is actually not a good idea, since it means that you are too tight. Instead of doing that, you should cup your hands while running, as if you are trying to hold an egg and preventing it from breaking. This way, you would be more relaxed in running, which can pave the way of deriving more benefits from it.

80. Running during noontime.

Running just before eating lunch actually offers lots of benefits. First of all, it can offer you midday sunlight. Aside from that, it can break your boredom from work. More importantly, it can also help in controlling your appetite during lunch time, which is good, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

81. Always hydrate yourself.

Whether it is hot or cold outside, you should continue to drink more water, especially when you are running. This is because, whenever you sweat, you are decreasing water content in your body. Aside from that, water can also help you in lubricating your joints, carrying blood to different parts of your body, and many more.

82. Make running more fun.

One of the many end products of running is fitness. However, you should make it a fun activity. Running is actually the process that can help you produce the product, which is fitness. Thus, you should see running as an activity that you love to do, otherwise, attaining fitness from it can become quite difficult.

83. Don’t be afraid to try out new approaches in training.

If you are in constant search for updated information about running, then you may come across new approaches about it. If a new method does not go by the book, you should not hesitate trying it out, especially if you feel that it can really help you. However, you should also be able to see if it becomes counterproductive.

84. Know how to motivate yourself.

There may be times when you feel tired about working out, and you don’t feel like getting out of bed to run. This is true, especially when you begin to think that training is becoming more of a chore, instead of something that provides you with pleasure in doing. When this happens, you should know how to motivate yourself, so that you would stay on track. One way of doing it is to remind yourself of your goals in running, so that you can bring back your drive for it.

85. Eating eggs.

In training, you should include eggs on your diet. Eating an egg or two for breakfast would provide your body with its needed protein, in order to repair the worn out tissues due to running. Aside from that, it is also filled with omega 3 fatty acids, which can do wonders for your body. In a nutshell, eggs will not just help in cutting recovery time short, but it can also boost your energy levels.

86. Always think positive.

If you are at the point of your running career where you are going through a tough time in hitting your goals, then you should convince yourself that you can do it through positive thinking. Positive thinking can actually provide you with the right mindset that
can help you attain your goals. Aside from that, it can also boost your confidence, which can improve your chances of achieving your dreams.

87. Avoiding injuries.

At the first sign of injury, you should immediately back off. In other words, if you feel that there is something wrong with your ankle or legs, then you should take a few days off from running. Not running for 5 or 7 days is actually a lot better, than having to miss weeks or months of it, due to getting the injury worse by not recognizing its signs.

88. Divide your goals and hit them one at a time.

In running, you may have other goals aside from improving your performance in it. Examples would include improving your overall physical condition, getting better endurance, losing weight, and such. It is also possible that you want to increase your mileage on it. Whatever your goals are, divide them, and hit them one at a time to make it simpler.

89. The right way to run.

When you are running, you should take note that your heel touches the ground first, instead of the ball of your foot. If you do it the other way around, or if you let the side of your foot hit the ground first, it can make you fall and injure yourself. Thus, always follow the right way of doing it, and always run in a smooth manner.

90. Check the way you run.

Each person may have his or her own style of running. However, there is actually a proper style of running, which you need to follow, in order to prevent injury as well as to derive benefits from it. Thus, you should consult a coach for it, or a podiatrist. Have him look at the way you run, so that he can offer tips in improving your style.

91. Get your arms moving.

If you want to run faster and longer, you should also move your arms more. Lots of experts say that it is just how a human body is made; the more you sway your arms, your legs will definitely follow. Thus, mover your arms, and achieve a bigger range, so that your legs would have greater movements as well.

92. Testing yourself.

Just like when you are studying, testing can help you check your actual progress in running. Aside from helping you gauge your fitness, joining a race can also help you check your stamina. Thus, you should have an eye to look out for upcoming races at your place, and join one soon.

93. Achieving better fitness with running can only be done with hard work.

If you want to have better overall fitness by running, then you should work hard for it. Achieving fitness through running is actually possible; however, you need to spend time with it, and work your muscles out. Aside from working hard for it, you should also make sure that you eat the right types of foods at the right amounts.

94. Consider other parts of your body.

When you run, what you would be developing would be your legs and lungs. However, it does not mean that you won’t need to develop other parts of your body as well to get fit. Thus, you should also do other workout routines, such as jump squats, crunches, sit ups, pushups, and more, so that you can develop the other parts of your body.

95. Going uphill.

You need to stress your lungs and your muscles to a certain extent, so that you can develop them further. Thus, one of the best things that you can do for it is to run uphill, since it can provide you the kind of challenge, which can push you hard enough. Don’t overdo it though, since it can get your muscles strained.

96. Always be careful in running.

If you want to continue running for a long period of time, then you should do everything to prevent injury. You should warm up properly by doing light stretching, walking, or spending a few minutes on the treadmill. Aside from that, you should also be wary of the dangers you could encounter on the road.

97. It is not a good idea to run on an empty stomach.

When you run, your body would actually make use of your energy so much. Thus, it is best if you can have a light snack just before heading out from your place to run. Having a sandwich with milk, can provide you with the nourishment you need in order to go through minutes or an hour of running.

98. Don’t limit your carbohydrate consumption too much.

Eating healthy carbohydrates is one of the important things that you want to take note of, when you are running. As a rule of thumb, make your diet consist of 70 percent carbohydrates, 15 percent protein, and 15 percent of fat, so that you have sufficient amounts of energy in running. Just make sure your protein sources are not loaded with too much fat though, so that you won’t gain weight.

99. Don’t forget the supplements.

Taking a vitamin-mineral supplement is actually a good idea when you are running. It ensures that your body will be able to adequately convert the foods you intake into energy and protein, to support your increase rate in physical activities. Thus, search for a quality supplement today, so that you can use it soon.

100. Visualize achieving your goals.

One of the best things that you can do to boost your drive in achieving your goals is to use visualization techniques. When you visualize your success, it can greatly help you in achieving your desired results aside from controlling your nerves. Aside from that, it can also tap into your feelings, which is very important to keep you motivated in doing things to achieve your dreams.

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